The Next Generation PHP Framework


Multi-Page Websites


Get Content by URL


Ability to Set Scheduled Tasks


Multiple Database Connections and Simple, Cachable SQL Operations


Automatic Daily Web and SQL Backups (& autoclear)


Multi-Language Web Pages


Secure POST / GET Transactions


Automatic AJAX Forms and Pages


Sending Mail With Blade Design


Easy User Login and Query Operations


Ability to Use Composer Packages


Writing Async Functions


Ability to Run a Past Version of the Site


And more...

What's inside?

We have carefully crafted the perfect folder structure to ensure that finding the files you're looking for are easily reachable and well organized.

Don't worry, it's simpler than you think.

The Candyphp file system was built in the most innovative way. Thanks to its skeleton structure, it makes your AJAX operations much easier. You can run it simply by installing files in the main directory.

  • assets
    • css
    • img
    • js
      • candy.js
  • controller
    • error
    • get
    • page
    • post
    • *.php
  • lang
    • en.php
    • tr.php
  • route
    • www.php
  • skeleton
    • page.skeleton
  • sys
  • view
    • content
    • home.blade.php
    • about.blade.php
    • footer
    • template.blade.php
    • head
    • template.blade.php
  • .htaccess

You need only HTML, CSS and Javascript?

Don't worry, we got you covered. We have a folder called html&css which includes only the basic HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript technologies.